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First Tiger I


February 27, 2017

Although The Tank Museum have the first Tiger I to be captured by the British, it was not the first Tiger I to be produced.

The first Tiger I to be completed, chassis number V1, was photographed in the assembly hall at Henshel & Sohns in April 1942. There were a number of detail differences between it and later production tanks but the most obvious of all was at the front, the so-called VORPANZER device. A panel of additional armour stowed nearly flat on the glacis plate which could be lowered to provide extra armour protection for the front of the hull and to some extent the tracks. It was not used on production tanks since the frontal armour was probably thick enough anyway, not to require it.

Notice that the tank also has the special breathing tube for deep wading extended at the rear.

Find out more about the Tiger I here. See Tiger 131, the only running Tiger I in the world, in action at Tiger Day VII and VIII

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