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Tiger Day IX


Due to popular demand, Tiger Premium tickets are now available for Sunday, the day after Tiger Day, so you can make Tiger Day into a full weekend! This ticket price INCLUDES entry to Tiger Day on Saturday.

For those seeing the display on Saturday, Sunday is your chance to hear from the experts who restored Tiger and gain unparalleled access to the vehicles themselves.

Sunday Premium Experience

PRICE: £190 | Book your Premium Ticket here

  • Guests arrive for Breakfast buffet and Introductions
  • Saving the Tiger Lecture
  • Get up close with the Panzers – Look inside and climb on Tiger 131, Panzer II, Panzer II and Panther.
  • Hot buffet lunch on the balcony.
  • To the Workshop Yard to look at and climb on the vehicles involved in the Tiger arena display and some Tiger Artefacts in the workshop building.
  • Back to the Museum for afternoon tea.
  • Free Time to explore the Museum

The Sunday Premium experience is much like the Saturday Premium experience, as shown in this video.

Your Ticket Includes:

  • Entry to Tiger Day, Saturday 28 April & The Tank Museum
  • An Annual Pass to The Tank Museum – revisit again from free whenever you like!*
  • Refreshments
  • Complimentary Show Guide

PRICE: £190 | Book your Premium Ticket here

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