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Tiger Collection Updates


February 14, 2017

After six weeks of building work, the Tiger exhibition is gradually taking shape. With the painting of the space complete, the repainting of the Tiger II Porsche and Jagdtiger can commence.

All future updates will appear on the Tiger Collection blog and The Tank Museum Facebook, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Four metre high walls surrounding the five tanks have been constructed, floor repairs carried out and the walls and ceiling painted a combination of grey, white and black.  Tiger 131, Tiger II (production and pre-production), Jagdtiger and Elefant were all covered in protective sheeting during this phase to shield them from the large volume of paint dust generated by spraying machines. With the painting now complete, the covers have come off to reveal a stark, open space dominated by the five imposing vehicles.

The next few weeks, running to early March will involve the completion and installation of graphic panels and audio visuals. A showcase display is currently being worked on featuring Tiger-related artefacts such a rare rangefinder, vehicle projectiles and a scratch-built Tiger II model. These elements have been mainly produced in-house by the Museum’s Archive, Photography and Graphic Design departments and the Museum Workshop team are also leading on the repaint of the Tiger II (pre-production) and Jagdtiger in ‘Dunklegelb’ (light khaki) which is an historically accurate paint scheme for these vehicles.

With the lack of a Sturmtiger to complete the Tiger family line-up, the Museum is working with computer gaming company, World of Tanks (the exhibition sponsors) to create an augmented reality experience based on the vehicle. The project is under development and more updates will follow in the coming weeks.

The Tiger Collection exhibition will open in early April, in time for Easter Holidays. 

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